Sometimes it happens that you need to create a creditnote for an invoice. This creditnote can be requested from your accounting department directly within iXpole. We support 2 different scenario's for requesting a creditnote:

1. Re-invoice an existing instalment
2. Cancellation of a contract

Re-invoice an existing instalment

When an invoice needs to be recreated without the contract being cancelled. The instalment will be credited and a new instalment needs to be made.

Following cases may apply:
- BOM split of product or catering has changed
- Pricing is not ok
- Contract should be invoiced on other customer
- ...

Here is how you do this

1. Open the instalment and click on "Creditnote request"

2. Fill in the remarks why you want to request a credit note

3. Click send and approve your step in the pop-up message

4. iXpole notifies you that a new instalment need to be made, click Ok

5. Recreate a new instalment with the correct parameters.

Cancellation of a contract

When you need to cancel a contract for which you have outstanding invoices, you don't need to request a credit note as explained in the previous example. In stead you can just click "Cancel" on the contract and all will be done for you.

Here is how you do this

1. Click on "Cancel" on the sales actions button

2. Select the invoices for the season(s) you want to cancel

3. Fill in your remarks and click "Cancel"