If the interface between iXpole and the accounting package has not yet been set up, you can very easily set up the invoice and expiration date manually.  Once the interface is active, the invoices can easily be linked.

Here's how you can do this:

1. Go to the "Sales" tab and click on the orange "Installments" button.

2. You will immediately receive the "Installments Overview" of the current season.

3. On the left you can apply different filters.

4. If you click in the column "Invoice No" you can fill in the invoice number for this contract for this customer.

5. Same for "DueDate".  If you click in this column you can fill in the due date of the invoice.

6. If the invoice has already been paid, you can fill in the "Payment No" column.

7. If required, you can export this list to Excel or as PDF.