How to create a new customer?

Here's how yo do this: 

1. You go to the Customer tab

2. Click on the green "Create Customer management" button

3. A "Create new Contract" screen will open.

4. In the upper right corner you see the contact person (within the club) of this customer. 

5. If you want to change this, just click on name and you will get an overview of all the users of iXpole and then you can choose the user to whom you want to assign this customer.

6. Things you need to fill in at the "General info" field

This is a unique code that is connected to the customer
Here you have to indicate whether it concerns a business or private person
The customer must be active in order to link contracts to it
Someone who is not yet a customer (but who can be in the future) 
The name of the company
You are required to enter a VAT number
Alternative name
Another alternative name for the company
Here you can choose between Dutch - English or French 
Subdivision of your customers 
Key Account
If we turn on the checkmark under internal we can also use this cliet data for reporting purposes

7. Things you need to fill in at the "Contact info" and "Financial info" field.

Contact Info
Phone 1
You can fill in the phone number of your customer
Phone 2 
You can fill in the direct number of your contactperson
You can fill in the the general e-mail address of the customer
You can fill in the website of your customer
Financial Info
invoice delivery type
You can choose to send the invoice via e-mail or regular mail
Invoice recipient email address
If the customer wants to receive the invoice by e-mail, you must enter the e-mail address here
You must indicate the price list that applies to this customer

8. Things you need to fill in at the "VIP Online" field

Tickets name
If the customer wants a name other than his company name on the tickets 
Can download his tickets online
If you make this active, the customer can download / forward his tickets in the VIP Online
Can purchase items in the online shop 
If you make this active, the customer can purchase items in the VIP Online store 
Can pay his online purchases via invoice 
If you make this active, the customer can pay his purchases via invoice 
Ticket message 
If you want to put a special message on this customer's VIP Online Portal

9. After you have filled in all the above fields, save them so you can add a Contact person.

10. Click here to see how to create a contact person.

11. Click here to see how to create an address.