VIP Online is the platform where you can manage your VIP experience provided by
iXpole. There you can manage your tickets and all you need to make your customers comfortable via catering order and extras.


See your upcoming matches

The first feature allows you to have a reminder of your next matches and also an overview of your VIP experience.

Manage your VIP experience

In that part, you can personalize your tickets, download them or invite your guests, and select the menu options for catering. You will see the main
action buttons first. Blue buttons provide actions on current tickets but the cyan provides action for catering.

Download Tickets

You can download the tickets you selected. The click on the "Download Tickets" button will generate a zip archive containing your tickets.

Send to Guests and send to custom email

You can send selected tickets via emails. You have to choose either you want to send them for one custom guest or for multiple guests. In case you want to send for multiple guests, you have to select them in the list bellow main buttons. But you do not have to select any guest and his ticket if you want to send to a custom guest since he or she is not registered.

When one of the two buttons is pushed, the sending pane appears so you can have either a summary of all the email addresses selected or a field to enter a custom email address.

Send to guests

This sending option shows you what addresses you entered. It appears with the addresses section collapsed. You have to click wherever you want on the whole grey bar to switch from collapsed view to expanded view

Send to a custom guest

Editing the email subject and email body to send

You can edit your email via the provided editor. It is a simple and lightweight one.

Guest ticket customization

The customization of a guest can be achieved by directly typing in fields for that guest. You can see the company name linked to the ticket of the guest next to the identification of the ticket on the left. It is convenient if you have a collaboration with multiple companies. You will have no company name displayed if you have only one collaboration.

Depending on your last action, an icon will be shown on the right of the ticket identification. If you have no idea or forgot what the icon means, just hover it with your mouse or touch it on your smartphone to display the associated tooltip.

Your changes are made on during your editing. It is applied after you click or touch outside
a the
current field you are editing. A checkmark is displayed when the information is stored in the databases.

Catering fields

Catering fields have the same behavior than guest specific fields. You can otherwise see that the color of those fields varies a bit from the guest fields. It just a visual help to help you to avoid mistakes while you customize tickets for guests. You can notice that a checkmark appears when you change values for catering comments.


Collapse the upcoming match section

Those who navigate with safari may encounter an overlapping issue with that feature. We provide a temporary workaround to collapse the section to make main buttons reachable. you just have to click the lightning-bolt symbol in the corner. You have to click the icon again
to  switch
the display back.

After clicking the symbol, the section will be reduced in height and will just show the most essential information about the next match.

Ultra collapse the upcoming match section

If the collapsing of the section is not sufficient enough, you can also, ultra collapse the section by clicking the double arrow icon in the right-bottom corner. the resulting display will be reduced to a square with the lightning-bolt and the double arrow icon. You have to click the icon again to revert the collapsed view.