if your customer wants to deliver the tickets tickets, there are a few possibilities.

  1. He or she can download the tickets
  2. He or she can send the ticket by mail to the different guests.
  3. He or she can send the selected tickets to a (different) email address.

Download it themselves

When the customer chooses to download his own tickets, he can do so by selecting the tickets, and clicking on the download button. This generates 1 PDF-file in which all tickets are put together in different pages.

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Send to guests

When the guest clicks the button in the email they received,
they will be redirected to the ticket-download page.
Styling your ticket delivery options

If the customer chooses to send his tickets directly to his guests, he must fill in the guest name and the guest email address. He then clicks on the 'Email to guests' button. The system will display a default text (which you can change here). This text can be modified by the host himself.

When sending the email, a button will be placed at the bottom of the email, which the guest can use to download his tickets. There is also 1 PDF-file per guest-email address.

In the case below, joeri@ixpole.com will receive 1 PDF with 2 tickets, 1 seat and 1 parking. robby@ixpole.com will receive 1 PDF with 1 seat ticket

Send to email

When sending to a (different) email address, the same procedure applies as when sending to guests, however, the host provides 1 email address here.

Again, a download button will be added to the email, which can then be used to download tickets.
Here there is also 1 PDF-file in which all tickets are processed.

In the case below, someoneelse@company.com will receive 1 PDF will all selected tickets.

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