Under the tab Admin you can manage your users

Here's how you do this: 

1. You go to the Admin tab

2. Click on the users

3. You will get on the left side an overview of the users which already exist.

4. To make a new user, you need to click on the green Add button.  

5. The following screen pops up: 

6. You need to fill in the following fields
you fill in the name of the user 
you need to make the user active by checking this box 
 Full name
you fill in the full name of the user 
you fill in the function of the user
you fill in the e-mail address of the user
 Select user Role
you fill in one of the roles that you have made 
you fill in the username 
 UI Language
you fill in the language settings
 UI Culture
you fill in the culture settings 

7. Fill in al the fields and save it 

8. The user is created and appears in the overview

9. The user automatically receives the activation mail on the completed email address.