You can get an overview at any time of your B2B attendees

Here's how you do this: 

1. Go the tickets tab and click on the blue "Access - Access" button.

2. The "Access control" screen pops up.

3.  By default 3 hours are added.

4. Click on run and the acces control now scans every 30 seconds
(and this for a period of 3 hours) all tickets that are inside.

5. Go to the Fixtures tab and you will see on the right side in the "Used"
column the number of tickets that have entered and been scanned.

6. Click on the number to go to the Ticket Usage Report.

7. The Ticket Usage Reports (of the match for which you clicked on the numbers) appears.

8. Select "Used" at the filter "Usage".

9. You get an overview of when (date and time) the customer has used his tickets
to get access to the stadium.