Check the incentives which you can add as extras in the contract

Here's how you do this: 

1. Go to the Products tab and click on "Incentives".

2. You can search for an incentive by typing the code or description in the search bar.

3. You can add an incentive by pushing the green "Add" button.

4. A "Create product" screen will open.

5. Fill in the description, select the product group "Incentive"and Save it.

6. The incentive is now in the overview.

7. Products - Fields explained.

Default it must be "Active" for Incentives
On demand
Non applicable for Incentives
The code of the accounting program.  If there is none it's the code assigned by iXpole
The description/name of the incentive
Product group
The product group under which this product is listed (usually this is Incentive)
Some extra comments about the Incentive