At the end of the season, you hopefully have a big retention rate. With our easy duplicate contract wizard you can easily renew the existing contract for your customers for the next season.

Here's how you do this: 

1. Go to the contract you want to renew and click on the blue "Actions" button.

2.  Choose the option "Duplicate".

3. A "Sales Contract Duplicate" screen opens.

4. Step 1 / 5 : Season
You need to select the season which you want to duplicate and you need to select to which
season(s) you want to duplicate the contract.
5. Step 2 / 5 : Selection
You need to select the different parts that are in the current contract and have to be copied
to the next season.

6. Step 3 / 5 : Contract
You need to fill in these fields (Status, number of Instalments,...) to complete your contract.

7. Step 4 / 5 : Instalment Details
You need to fill in the date and percentage for the instalment(s).

8. Step 5 / 5 : Finish
You get an overview of all the items with their prices and you need to click on "Finish" if everything is
correct or click on "Previous" if something needs to be changed.

9.  After you have clicked on "Finish", the new contract is created.