Instalments are the basis of your financial data. With the instalments, you can configure the payment terms for the selected sales. You can add as many instalments as you want for each of the seasons in the sales. Before a sales can be set to status "Final", the instalments must be setup.

Here's how you do this: 

1. Click the green "Add" button in the Instalments tab.

2. The Sales / Instalment wizard appears where you first need to select the season.

3.Click on the "Add" button if you want to add multiple installments.

4. You can adjust the date by clicking on the calendar.

5. You can fill in the Invoice Reference.

6. iXpole automatically divides the amount over the number of installments.  You can also adjust these amounts manually.

7. Click the "Save" button and as you can see, the Instalments tab has been filled in and as you can see in the upper right corner the Installments have been set up.