There are 3 possible ways to start making a season sales.

Here's how you do this: 

1. Go to the Sales tab and click on the button "Season - Create Season sales".

2. Or search the customer and click on the green "add" button behind sales.

3. Or click the "plus" sign at the top of the bar. You can click on this sign from anywhere in iXpole.

4. As soon as you have chosen one of the ways, a new Sales contract details screen will open where you first need to fill in the General info.

5. If the customer data is already in iXpole, you can type the name of the customer.

6. If the customer data is not yet in iXpole, you must first create this customer by clicking on the plus sign.

7. A Create customer screen opens where you first need to fill in (and of course save) the 3 tabs: General, Contacts and Address.

8. After you have selected or created the customer, a number of fields are filled in automatically.

9. General info fields explained.
Customer Name 
The name of the customer from whom the contract is 
The language of the customer 
Is Barter
Is it a barter contract or not? 
Contact person
The default customer contact 
The default address of the customer
Start date 
The start date of the contract
End date 
The end date of the contract 
10. After you have entered the general information, you have to complete the extra info.

11. Extra info fields explained.
If the customer wants to have a different name on his tickets, you must fill it in here 
You can fill in the reference 
You can fill some comments about the customer and this contract
12. When you have filled in the General and Extra info you need to save it.

13. The name of the customer appears at the top left with the contract number below