Setting prices can be on different levels: pack, subscription or match

Here's how you do this: 

1. On the Fixtures tab, go to Pricing.

2. Left at Filters you choose the season, the sales type and the description.  In this example we fill in the prices for the subscription JPL Regulier 2018-2019.

3. Click on the green "Add" button behind Prices.

4. Choose the stage or the area for which you want to set the price for the product group.

5. Select the correct price list.

6. Choose the category of the Fixture (Default/Normal/ Topper or a combination).

7. Fill in the price excluding VAT.

8. If you want to set  the price per event for this subscription or pack you need to select "EventPrice".
If you don't indicate the EventPrice, you create a price for the entire subscription or pack.

9. Click here to set the price for a event that is part of a Pack/Subscription.