A list of sold up-sell items for a selected event

Here's how you can find this report:

1. Go to the Reports tab and click under Catering on "Upsell Confirmation".


1a. Go to the Catering tab and click on the orange "Reports - catering reports" button.

1b.  Click in the next screen on "Upsell Confirmation".

2. You will immediately receive the Upsell Event Results.

3. On the left you can filter on season and event.

4. On the right you immediately see the result of these filters.

5. Upsell Event Results - Fields explained.

Customer name 
the name of the customer 
the reference number of the contract 
the amount that the customer has ordered 
the description of the product that the customer has ordered
the ex VAT product price
Confirmed On 
the date on which the upsell item was confirmed 
Confirmed By 
the person who confirmed the upsell item 
6. You also have the possibility to export this list to a Excel or PDF file.