This is a list of all actions of all tickets for a selected event

Here's how you can find this report:

1. Go to the Reports tab and click under Tickets on "Ticket Usage Details".


1a. Go to the Ticketing tab and click on the orange "Reports - reports" button.

1b.  Click in the next screen on "Ticket Usage Details".
2. The "Ticket Usage Details" screen will open where you get an overview of the tickets for the
next home game.

3. On the left you can filter on season, match, stand, delivery and usage.

4. On the right you immediately see the result of these filters.

5. Ticket Usage details - Fields explained.

the ticket has been mailed, printed or not printed
the ticket has been used or not used
the name of the customer 
Sales code 
the reference of the contract 
the seat where the customer is sitting
the name of your customer's guest
Guest Email
the e-mail address of your customer's guest
the date and time the ticket was printed
the date and time the ticket was used
the date and time with what has happened to the ticket (printed, by whom printed, emailed, to whom)
6. You also have the possibility to export this list to a Excel or PDF file.