This is a list of sales header information

Here's how you can find this report:

1. Go to the Reports tab and click under Sales on "Sales Overview".


1a. Go to the Sales tab and click on the orange "Reports - Reports" button.

1b.  Click in the next screen on "Sales Overview".
2. The "Seats overview" screen will open where you will where you get an overview of all sales.

3. On the left you can filter on season, owner, contract type and contract status.

4. On the right you immediately see the result of these filters.

5. Sales Overview - Fields explained.

the number of the contract
the name of the customer
Start date 
the start date of the contract
End date 
the end date of the contract 
Contract reference 
the reference of the contract
comments about the contract
the sales manager within the club who is responsible for this customer
the value of the contract
6. You also have the possibility to export this list to a Excel or PDF file.