A list of the people who will be present at the match

Here's how you can find this report:

1. Go to the Reports tab and click under Tickets on "Matchday Confirmation List".


1a. Go to the Ticketing tab and click on the orange "Reports - reports" button.

1b.  Click in the next screen on "Matchday Confirmation List".

2. The "Matchday Confirmation List" will look only at the sold tickets, the ordered catering and the
guest name.  This makes the list very useful for the hostesses at the desk.

3. On the left you can filter on Event and Stand.

4. On the right you immediately see the result of these filters.

5. Ticket Usage details - Fields explained.
Customer name 
the name of the customer 
the name of the stand
the name of the section 
the number of the seat
the name of the guest of the customer
the chosen catering option 
the sales manager within the club who is responsible for this customer 
6. You also have the possibility to export this list to a Excel or PDF file.