If the competition consists of several matches (regular + play off) you can create a pack

Here's how you do this: 

1. Scroll all the way down in the fixtures tab and click at the bottom right on
the green "Add" button behind Packs.

2. A "Create Pack" screen will open where you have to fill in all fields.

3. Fields explained.
Description of the pack
Tick this to make active and add matches
Tick this if the pack is date based
Choose the right season
Choose the right type of competition 
Choose the right seatingplan
Start date
If necessary, adjust the Start date
End date
If necessary, adjust the End date
Place for some comments
External ID
Fill in the ID for communication with external systems
4. Save it after completing everything.

5. The pack is in the overview. Click on the pack to fill it with subscriptions.

6. Add a new record in the "Lines" tab.

7. Fields explained.
Pack type
Match or Subscription
Subs or Events
Depends on the filter you choose at pack type
The percentage that this match / subscription is part of the pack. Total must be 100%
8. After you have filled in a record you need to click the "Update" button to add this record.

9. Save it.