There are 2 possible ways to add opponents to your league.

Here's how you do this the first way:

1. Scroll all the way down in the fixtures tab and click on the Subscriptions for which you want to
add a match.

2. Click right at Fixtures on the green "Add" button to add a match.

3. In the next screen, enter the opponent and the matchdate.

4. Save it.

5. The match is in the overview but is not yet open for tickets download.

6. Click here for more information about how to open a match for tickets download.

Here's how you do this the second way:

1. Go to the fixtures tab and click on the green "Add" button.

2. The Fixture screen will open where you need to first need to fill in the Details tab.

3. Click here for more info about the fields.

4. After having filled in, the screen can look like this.

5. Save it and the match is between the overview in the right competition.