Add a campaign to send out the mailing

Here's how you do this.

1. Go to the Contacts tab and click on Emails - Email Campaign.

2. We have everything we need (styling, content and receivers list) to make the campaign.

3. Click on the green "Add" button behind campaign.

4. Choose the type of campaign:
Match Open - Informational - Commercial.

5. Add the description of the campaign and make it active by
turning the check mark on.

6. Pick the right Styling, Content and Receivers list.

7. Enter the email address used to send the mail and enter in
whose name the mail is sent.

8. Fill in the subject of the mail.

9. Test the email campaign by filling in the test email address and
put the campaign in test phase by turning the check mark on.

10. Save it.

11. You will find the campaign in the overview.