If you have activated the match, you can inform all your customers who have tickets for this match that they can download their tickets or forward them to their invitees.

Here's how to do this:

1. Go to the Fixtures tab.

2. Choose the next match for which you want to open the tickets for downloading or forwarding.
3. Check if the event is active.

4. Check if the user can download tickets in VIP Online.

5. Click on the Action button.

6. Then click Email customer.

7. The report "Match Email" opens where you get an overview of everyone from your Customers
who will receive the mail. If a customer has multiple contact persons, all contacts may receive this
mail. This depends on the ticket role (All of Contract).

8. Fill in a Test Email so that you get an email first to see if this is correct (this step is not required).

9. Click "Send Email".

10. You will be asked whether you want to proceed with sending this mail.  Click Yes and the Email
will be sent.

11. The envelope turns green when the match open email has been sent.