When your customers want to order catering, it might be needed that they specify some type of remarks. They might be vegetarian or have some food allergies. In the VIP Online, they can do that themselves. In iXpole, you can do that for them. We have 2 different options for adding guest specific catering remarks.

I. Add catering remarks while creating a new catering sales

1. Go the the Catering tab and click on the green "Catering" button.

2. Choose the right match and search the customer.

3. Select the number of seats for which you want to create catering and choose the right menu.

4. Fill in the comments of the customers by clicking in the "Comments" column after the Seat.

5. Click on "Save" to finalize the contract with the remarks.

II. Add catering remarks to a catering sales that already exists.

1. Go the the Catering tab and click on the orange "Reports" button.

2. Click on "Catering Confirmations".

3. You will get an overview of the customers who have ordered catering for this match.  Then click on "Detailed view" to view the catering sales in detail.

4. Fill in the "Catering Remarks" column the comments of the customers.