How can you add a catering option?

Here's how you do this: 

1. Go the Catering tab.

2. Click on the green "Add" button behind Catering Options.

3. A Create product screen will open where you first need to fill in the General Info and save it.

4. General Info fields explained.
The code is automatically chosen by the system when creating a product.
This option must always be checked, otherwise the product can not be sold
The description you give to your catering option.  
Select product group  
Because it concerns catering, the product group must always be catering. 
The menu for this catering option will be automatically confirmed
when this option is used in a hospitality sales 
The place to fill in some internal comments about this item
5. The price of the option/package (in our example the price is 225 €) must be divided between seat, dinner and drinks. You do this by filling in the "BOM".

6. A "Product Bills" screen opens where you first have to choose your type. 

7. Types explained.
For 1 match
For a combination of matches
For a combination of subscriptions
8. Then choose the products, fill in the price for this products and save it.

9. RestValue.
-> When selecting this checkbox, the system will deduct or add the price difference between
the sum of these items and the sales total, to this item.

10. After you have entered the BOM, it can look like this.

11. After you have saved it, the option you have created is between the Catering Options.