How can you add a catering menu and pricing?

Here's how you do this: 

1. Go to the Catering tab and click on the green "Add" button in the middle of the screen.

2. A "Menu for Event" screen opens where you need to make the menu active by checking
the checkbox.  As long as the menu is not active, it can not be sold.  You also need to fill in
a description of the menu and the menu itself.

3. Ticketinfo: Here you can link the info that should appear on the tickets for this menu.

4. Available for following catering options: Here you can link this menu to catering options.

5. Available for following seat groups: Here you can link this menu to seat groups.

6. Maximum Amount Of Menus: Here you can enter the maximum number of available menus.

7. Invoice to external system: Here you can select an external party if this menu has to be invoiced
by someone else (for ex. the caterer).

8. Set the pricing (for the 2 price lists) for this menu in the Pricing tab.

9. Link the catering upsell items to this menu.

10. After you have filled in everything you have to save it.

11. The menu that you have created is between the menus.