There are 3 possible ways to start making a  Catering Sales.

Here's how you do this: 

1. Go to the Sales tab and click on the button "Catering - Create Catering sales".

2. Or go to the Catering tab and click on the button "Catering - Create Catering sales".

3. Or click the "plus" sign at the top of the bar. You can click on this sign from anywhere in iXpole.

4. As soon as you have chosen one of the ways, a new Create Catering Sales screen will open where you first need to fill in the Customer info.
5. Search for the customer data in iXpole, by typing the customer's name.

6. After you have entered the general information of the customer, you have to complete the Match info.

7. Match fields explained.
First you have to choose the right match for which you want to do a catering sales
You can fill in the reference
8. When you have filled in the Customer and Match info you can now start adding the catering.

9. Choose the menu that can be chosen for this match.

10. Select the tickets that still have no catering. The price is automatically filled in.
--> You can also adjust this price if you have agreed a different price with your customer.

11. Use on call items (if applicable).